2019 is officially in swing and we are heating up the first half of March with some fire new features, updates, and helpful bug fixes in your favorite fitness app.

What's New:

  • Kettlebell workouts: The long-awaited small equipment workout series has begun starting with kettlebells
  • Workout Complete: You can now mark monthly challenge workouts as complete both automatically and manually
  • Monthly Memberships are back: Sign up for a monthly subscription for $14.99 USD or an annual subscription for $89.99 USD. Both options include a 7-day free trial
  • Yoga: Choose the length of your pose in "Workout Settings" and choose how many rounds you'd like to complete
  • Workout Collections: We've rearranged your Sworkit Homescreen just a bit to organize workout collections in a more clear and concise way. You'll now see main categories such as Essentials. Essential workouts are designed to accommodate the most members possible. These workouts are mostly intermediate as far as their difficulty level and they also include the most variety. Another category, Workout Collections, feature workouts that are tailored to help you reach more specific goals. 

What's Improved:

  • Change sides is now working as it should on on warm-ups 
  • Custom workout filters is now working for all languages
  • Workout streak numbers for those with a lot of workouts is now corrected
  • "Smart shuffle" (e.g. Left/Right side-based exercises) are functioning intelligently

See something that needs some polish or a full on fix? Reach out via your app's Help Center or email at support@sworkit.com and let us know. We guarantee a real human will respond back and address your feedback. 

Look forward to hearing from you! 

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