Ready to get some healthy competition going? Or just bring everyone together to work towards the same goal? You can now create your very own challenges, personalized to your company and your co-workers!

Start here with a short overview of Sworkit's Company Challenges.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a challenge:

  1. Open the Sworkit app and tap on the menu in the upper left-hand corner.

  2. Tap on the Admin Portal and then tap the menu in the upper left-hand corner (yes, you did just tap here).

  3. Tap Challenges, and tap the + in the orange circle in the upper right corner.

  4. Select a challenge type:

  • Group Target Challenge: The entire organization works together towards a goal.

  • Team vs. Team Challenge: Each member joins a team that works together to claim the top spot in your organization.

  • Individual Success Target Challenge: Each member works independently towards their own goal.

  • Build Your Own Challenge: "Build Your Own" is all about creating your own unique, custom challenge. Set your goals/target or mix and match — it's up to you.

5. Choose to run your challenge based on Minutes (choose a goal that reflects a certain number of minutes per day to be active) or Active Days (choose a goal that reflects a certain number of days to be active).

6. Select start and end dates in your challenge (Note: Only workouts done during this challenge "window" will count towards the challenge.)

7. Set your challenge details:

  • Give your challenge an awesome name

  • Provide a description of your challenge goal/objective

  • Choose a background image with meaning to motivate

  • Optionally, you may add translations for 13 different languages

8. Select who should be a part of this challenge. There are several different options: All members of the organization, teams/groups you create, or certain individuals you select. You can also open the challenge up to anyone by making it an Open Invite; employees and their friends and family will be able to opt-in to the challenge and to specific teams with a unique link URL. **those interested in joining the Open Invite challenge, who are outside of your organization, will be responsible for their own Sworkit membership.

9. Establish your challenge expectations. In all members, we recommend a 30-50% Engagement Rate at first to get everyone going! The Challenge Goal will be calculated based on all of the other parameters you've chosen.

10. Set your Privacy Settings:

  • Show Total Stats: This allows members to see the cumulative stats for all participants during the challenge.

  • Show Group Stats: This allows members to see just the group stats for their team.

  • Show Last 10 Workouts Stats: This shows who got their workouts in most recently.

  • Show Team Rankings: Get really competitive with this one! Show teams ranked by most activity per member.

Need some ideas for your challenges? Click here for some tried and true examples.

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