Questions to Help You Map Out how Sworkit Fits your Wellness Plans
Since every company has a different wellness plan with different goals and benefits, we want to make sure you're getting the most out of your Sworkit corporate membership.

  • How does Sworkit fit into our wellness plan?

  • What are our goals with offering Sworkit? In other words, what are we aiming to achieve by offering Sworkit?

  • Who is currently promoting Sworkit at the company and why?

  • Is there anyone else outside of HR that would be a great wellness advocate or champion?

  • How can wellness and fitness become a normal, integral part of your culture?

Making the Most of your Sworkit Corporate Membership
How are other companies partnering with Sworkit as their go-to fitness solution to fit their unique wellness benefits and plan?

Below, are a few examples from our clients that made Sworkit work for them.

Here's how they did it:

Jet It wanted to offer a fitness solution for its on-the-go clients and employees. We worked with them to showcase workouts that could be completed anywhere, at any time, without having to go to a gym and spend an hour on a workout. In addition, the CEO ran a “Beat the CEO” challenge, to increase participation and encourage the adoption of fitness as a healthy habit.

Classic Developments specializes in the development of residential, commercial, and industrial properties around New Zealand. Their main challenge was to find a way for employees to compete with one another and track their progress using leaderboards and metrics, especially during the winter months. To kick things off right, in their first two months as our client, they ran 3 challenges back to back for 80 active employees.

Sworkit partners with Incorta’s Egypt location to provide an accessible fitness solution for remote engineers and customer service team members with varying schedules. Since their launch, Incorta leadership has led the charge through constant communication and assistance with application access. Our challenge leaderboard feature that provides real-time results plus Incorta’s strong analytical skills is the perfect combination for a successful challenge.

Charleston County Parks & Rec wanted an app with access to a variety of workouts.

Their staff is a mix of in-office, remote, or traveling employees who travel from park to park. Their strategy included multiple reminders or various channels beginning 1 month prior to launch.

Human Resource Training, Inc. wanted to find a platform that would support their different quarterly challenges with easily trackable data. Their plan included sharing the challenges for the calendar year with their company internally, as well as communicating the prizes and incentives in advance.

Reaction Biology aims to give their clients personalized research to develop the best possible drugs for treating patients with cancer and other diseases. They wanted to provide their employees with an app that could be used anywhere, any time of the day given a research-heavy, computer-centered environment. Additionally, challenges were attractive to them due to the ability for each user to track and see the progress of each individual who participates.

B-Stock Solutions ran a week-long challenge where their awarded individuals for more than just participating in the challenge. They used the challenge to create a community by rewarding participants for sharing workout stats, photos, commenting, and liking each other's photos. Prizes were awarded to individuals with the most liked or commented on photos, those with the most activity overall, and even those who simply took the time to participate in the challenge.
Check out some feedback from employees about their experience during the challenge:

  • "There were more participants than I expected. It was nice to see that a lot of my coworkers are into fitness."

  • It’s important to move for both physical and mental wellbeing - I’ll use the app more often!

  • I know that B-Stock values the wellness of their employees and it’s so great that they provide this service/membership to help us all achieve work-life balance.

  • Anything is possible! And I found out that I work with several like-minded people.

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