The Best You in 2022 Challenge offers three different 8-week fitness challenge plans for you to follow. Choose from: Lose Weight. Build Muscle. Just Move.

Lose Weight Fitness Plan: Designed to help you tone and lose weight.

Build Muscle Fitness Plan: Designed to help you increase strength and build muscle.

Just Move Fitness Plan: Designed to help you stay physically active and motivated to move your body.

Whether you want to make physical changes, or simply move your body with purpose and pride, the Sworkit Best You in 2022 Fitness Challenge is designed to help you reach your fitness goals and see a noticeable difference after eight weeks.

The 8-week fitness challenge plans have been thoughtfully designed by our Sworkit Trainers. Throughout the challenge, you'll be given five workouts to complete each week. Each workout will include timing guidance based on your fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). As always, you can customize your workout timing based on your personal needs. If you haven't already joined the challenge, you can do so here!

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