Join our SworkTeam with an $89.99 USD annual Sworkit subscription or a $14.99 monthly Sworkit subscription.

Don't know if you want to commit to a subscription? That's ok, we understand! Each subscription includes a 7-day trial, so you can try our Sworkouts. You can cancel at any time during this period risk-free (that means you won't be charged).

What do I get with a premium Sworkit subscription?

Great question! Your subscription will provide you with access to all of Sworkit's workouts, direct access to certified personal fitness trainers, an amazing community, helpful fitness and nutrition resources, regular new content, and more.  Each subscription also allows you to access your account from all your devices.

What if I'm paying a different subscription price?

When you join Sworkit with a paid subscription membership, you always pay the original price at sign up. That means, even if Sworkit's pricing increases (inflation, new services, new features, additional free kids' content...), you'll still continue to pay your same subscription amount.

Have more questions for us? Don't hesitate to reach out via the "Contact Support" link in your Sworkit app's Help Center or by email at

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