Sworkit has a huge library of bundled and ready-to-go workouts created by our team of certified trainers. You can start any of those bundled workouts from its normal location in the Home area. They are grouped together to help you find the right workout, every time and from everywhere.

Workouts are available the same across all platforms of iOS, Android, and Web. They are arranged a bit different to fit the screen size, however. These differences are noted below.


This is the main place to find our bundled workouts. Browse through them and you're sure to find a good one for right now.

  • Standard Workouts: Allow you to easily focus on Strength, Cardio, Yoga, or Stretching
  • Discover: Various workouts we've created over the years for specific things people have requested

My Plan

These are crafted specifically for the workout plan you've selected (if you've selected a plan).

  • On the web app these are found within the Home screen as "My Workout Plan"


Any workouts you create from scratch, or if you modify an existing one above, show up here.

  • On the web app these are found within the Home screen as "My Custom Workouts"
  • (Note: The web app does not have the ability to modify our bundled workouts, but our mobile apps are great at that, and then those show up in the web app so you can play them.)

My Sworkit

Your account info is here, which includes your workout history.

  • Recent Workouts: This starts out empty, and fills in every time you do a workout
  • View All: Your entire workout history
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