Sworkit Update 8.0.0

What happened to the free option of Sworkit?

Sworkit is moving to a paid service, where it will cost either $29.99 paid every 3 months, or $79.99 paid every year.


What does this mean for existing customers?

If you opened the app before December 16th, 2017, you will still have access to the Sworkit app without requiring a paid subscription. However, without a premium subscription you won't have access to premium workouts, ask a trainer, and other exclusive features.


Will I always have access to Sworkit for free?

We’re working on some great performance improvements and updates that will make Sworkit better than ever! Existing customers that have signed up before Dec 16th, can continue to use Sworkit for free until this big app update! These exciting updates will be released in the middle of 2018. Don’t worry too much, at that time we will be offering you extended benefits for being such a loyal user.


What does this mean for new customers?

With every subscription we are offering a FULL 30 day free trial! This should give you enough time to make the decision, within a whole month, if you find value in using Sworkit. In fact, most of our competitors only offer 7 to 14 day free trials. We feel that 30 days gives ample time to build a healthy habit and make an informed decision whether Sworkit is right for you. This is a risk free trial, and you can cancel anytime. Furthermore if you are billed in error, you can request a refund. If you purchased on your mobile device, Apple / Google will gladly issue refunds. If you purchased on the web at app.sworkit.com our team will be happy to assist you.


Why we've made the change

Our mission at Sworkit is to help families and individuals of all ages build healthy fitness habits in an increasingly demanding world. The challenge was many of the features that increase success, such as plans, were only available to premium subscribers. With this change, all new customers will experience the full app of Sworkit free for 30 days, which will improve their chances of success. We have a small passionate team doesn’t want to debate what content/features should be free or not, or build out any more infrastructure to serve ads, because none of this helps you become more successful. Now, our focus is your success.

Furthermore, studies have shown that by paying for a fitness service, you have a higher level of commitment, and increases your chances of being successful. People pay for the gym, personal trainers, etc, and often just by paying they buckle down and use the service. We find our pricing to be extremely fair and will help us continue to evolve. How much does a gym or personal trainer get better over time…?

Finally, we don't want to charge you if you are not finding value, however we want to ensure that EVERYTHING we do is to make you more successful, and charging gives us the resources to do that. The product will continue to improve, we continue to add more workouts and exercises regularly, the personal recommendations will continue to get better, and your voice will be heard more. Win win win.


What about Sworkit Kids, and your other free apps?

1) Sworkit Kids will continue to remain free! 2) Apple has cracked down on our other free "mini" apps, so unfortunately we have retired the majority of them. Our two most popular "Abs and Core Workouts" and "Stretching Workouts" still are available and will remain free, each providing a sample of 3 workouts. We hope that those experiences will convince you to switch over and try the full Sworkit Premium service.

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