What is the "Fit in 5 Workout"?

"Fit in 5 Minutes" is a one-touch solution that enables you to get a great, 5- Minute full body workout with a single tap.

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    Robert Turknett

    Love the "Fit in 5" concept. Does it adapt to your fitness level as you use it and change exercises? (E.g, moving from kneeling push-ups to regular push-ups as you get stronger) Does it monitor your heart rate from the Apple Watch to adjust intensity?

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    Sworkit Tech

    @Robert, it does not change at the moment. The Fit in 5 workout is focused on being a beginner workout that anyone can do. We are working on some new ideas to adapt as you go based on your goals and past workouts. Intensity changing from heart rate is a long term goals as well, but will not come until after the first adaptations are made.

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