How do I sync Sworkit with Google Fit?

Select "Menu" - "Settings" - "Google Fit" under Connections - Then authorize Sworkit to connect to Google Fit

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    Ryan May

    I have followed these instructions for syncing to Google Fit and yet my workouts don't show up in Google fit.  It says it is connected in the Sworkit App and in Google fit I can find Sworkit listed under the "All apps and devices" but not under the "Google fit apps and devices."  Did I miss something?

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    James Thomas

    Update: Disregard my previous comment. It is working after reinstalling both apps.

    "I am having the same issue that Ryan mentioned above. Has it been addressed yet."

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    Sworkit Tech

    @Ryan May, this should be working better now. Sometimes it may take 1 workout completing for it to finalize as well. If it doesn't work after that first workout is completed, let us know. 

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