Prevent Pop-up Ads During Workout

We have heard from a few iPhone users, especially in Australia that they have received popups during their workout to congratulate them on winning an iPhone from domains and

We have blocked this domains from any of our ad systems, but it is likely that this spam has added cookies and data to the user's browser outside of Sworkit. Users have reported even seeing the same popup ad in other apps. 

While we are still hoping that Apple or our ads serving platform will block this traffic completely, there are a few things you can try to remove this issue from your device completely. 

Recommended Option: Restrict this traffic on your phone

- Follow the instructions at this link to block all traffic from and :

Option 2. Delete cookies and reinstall Sworkit. 

- Delete all cookies on your device using instructions here:

- Delete the Sworkit app

- Restart your phone

- Reinstall the Sworkit app

We will continue to work with our advertising partners to find better ways to support this issue, but we want to ensure above all else that you can still continue with workouts until we do.

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