Your Sworkit membership plan is offered on a yearly or monthly subscription basis. Our subscription model means when you initially sign up for Sworkit, you receive a free trial to test us out. After your trial period ends, you're charged a membership fee (also known as your subscription payment) based on the yearly or monthly plan type you selected. This payment auto-renews (is charged automatically) each month or year. 

However, let's say the date of your auto-renewal isn't the same every billing cycle (e.g. you subscribed on the 31st but the next month only has 30 days). When that happens, we'll simply renew your membership on the last day of the month.

If the card we have on file for your subscription is declined, or we're alerted by Apple or Google that your payment did not go through, we'll reach out to you via the membership email we have on file. If we don't hear back we'll go ahead and deactivate your subscription.

Managing your Sworkit Subscription
Managing your subscription depends on whether you signed up for Sworkit via iTunes, Google Play or our Web app. Below are some helpful tips to managing your Sworkit account based on where and how you signed up. 

If you have an iOS Sworkit subscription (Apple App Store)
Your Sworkit subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel your membership at least 24-hours before the end of your current subscription period. All of your payment details are stored in your iTunes Account. 

While it's super helpful that Apple allows you to manage your account, it also means they don't allow Sworkit (or any third-party apps) to make payment changes or cancellations to your subscription. You can read more about Apple's policy here

If you have an Android Sworkit subscription (Google Play)
Your Sworkit subscription will automatically renew via your Google Play account on your renewal date. Sworkit isn't able to make payment or cancellation changes to your account per Google's policies. You can read more about the specifics of Google's policy by clicking here

If you have a Sworkit subscription via our Sworkit Web app (
If you initially signed up for Sworkit using our web app, we'll automatically charge the payment method we have on file for you.  If you need more information about how to manage your account, check out our help article on  How to Change or Manage Your Sworkit Subscription.

Still have questions? No worries, that's what our Customer Support Heroes are here for. Reach out to us via email at You can also reach us by going to your Sworkit app's main menu, selecting "Help Center" and clicking on Contact Support.  

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