Dear Fellow Sworker,

As the CEO of Sworkit, I want to personally thank you. I’m honored you've chosen to be a member of our SworkTeam and am excited to contribute to your success. 

Our SworkTeam is a very special group of people dedicated to being fit for life and I truly admire you for joining us. That’s why my staff and I – also known as your SworKrew – work to make products and services we can be proud of and ones that are positively life changing for you.

We want to make it simple for you to live well.

We’ve recently received questions and comments about our decision to become a paid service. Those of you who have been with us for a while may recall that originally, Sworkit was a free app with only a handful of workouts - no workout plans and no equipment workouts. You sworked your way through those and were ready and asking for more. But as an advertising-supported business, we couldn’t keep up with your needs. So after very serious deliberation, we switched to a paid-only service (with a free trial period) at the beginning of 2018. 

Our decision is shaped by three guiding principles:

Free fitness technology for kids and educators

First, revenue from subscriptions provides us with the ability to give back through our Sworkit Youth Initiative (SYI) which provides Sworkit to all educators and students for free. Childhood obesity is a global epidemic and educators are struggling with shrinking physical education budgets and less time to allow their students to be physically active. By providing them with Sworkit and Sworkit Kids,  free resources educators can use in their classrooms and children can use at home, we’re helping to solve a huge issue. We also donate items like iPads and projectors to under-resourced schools so they can use Sworkit. We’ve made it our personal mission to cut childhood obesity in half by 2026. Your subscription is helping us achieve this goal.

Improve Sworkit Continually 

Second, we want to be able to continually improve our products. In fact, Improve Continually is one of our company's core values. Your subscription allows us to introduce new exercises, workouts, and capabilities designed to help you and countless others improve their health.

Keep Our Sworkit App Ad-Free

Third, you are our customer, not our product. We are a fitness company, not a media company. A couple of years ago we decided we do not want to design Sworkit for advertisers or data seekers. We want to design Sworkit for you - our members seeking to improve their health. Not to mention, ads diminish our beautiful user experience.


We realize this is a major change for some of you. Because of that, we took steps to reward our loyal customers who have been with us for years. Now, based on the above principles, we’ve fully established our new business model. 

If you’ve made it this far into my message, I want to say thank you and let you know we are working hard to help you get (and stay) in shape for life. Keep connecting with us personally on what is or isn’t working on your fitness journey, keep encouraging people you know to lead healthier lives, and keep simply living well.

If you need to reach anyone on our SworKrew, we’re just a tap away in your Sworkit app’s Help Center or via email at We look forward to bringing you more resources to help you live well and hearing more incredible health and life transformation stories.



Greg Coleman, CEO


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