We would hate to see you leave but we also don't want to make it complicated for you. 

If you signed up for Sworkit via our Sworkit.com or our Sworkit Web app (app.sworkit.com):

  1. Visit app.sworkit.com or in your mobile app under "My Account", click on "Manage Subscriptions" 

  2. Here you'll be able to cancel your subscription plan, simply click on "Cancel Plan" 

  3. You'll see a green checkmark and then the process is complete.

  4. If you're successful in canceling your subscription, you'll see a message under "My Account" in red informing you that your subscription is set to expire.

  5. You'll continue to have access to Sworkit until the end of your cancellation period.

If you have any questions about this or if you would like to discuss the reasons you are thinking of leaving let us know via the Contact Support link in your Sworkit app or by emailing support@sworkit.com. We are always to try and create a solution, the more out of the box the better 😁.

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