To begin, you might be wondering what circuit workouts are or why they're important. Tap here to learn more about circuits and how to apply this option in Sworkit. 

Check out our blog where our trainers talk about everything you need to know about circuit workouts and  the difference between timed-based workout VS. rep-based workouts.

Now, let's dive into options you have in the app. 

In App Options


We have two collections of workouts on the main screen in the app. 

  1. At Home Gym: Build Muscle

  2. Switch it Up: Timing Variation Workouts

Custom Workouts

You can also create your own rep-based circuits

To do this: 

  1. Open the app or website and tap on the "Custom" star icon at the bottom of the screen (or in the left side menu on your PC).

  2. Tap on the orange "+" icon.

  3. Select the exercises you would like to include in your workout. (Pro tip: Use the filter option to help you find exercises quickly). 

  4. When you are done tap "Next".

  5. Add a name for your workout, a description and the type of workout. Then choose your timing setting "Minutes" or "Circuit Rounds".

  6. Next, toggle "Advanced Timing" to on. 

  7. Tap on the blue seconds circle.

  8. Here you can choose seconds or reps at the top of the screen and then the number amount. 

  9. Press and hold on the three horizontal lines to move the exercises into the order you want. 

  10. Once you have the timing for each exercise set and in the correct order tap "Save". You are now ready to crush your workout! 

If you still need help creating a custom workout or any other question, reach out to our Customer Support team via the "Contact Support" link in your Sworkit app's Help Center or by email at


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