The Sworkit Student Management System provides athletic directors, teachers, and coaches with the ability to group, organize, and manage the Sworkit activity of students and athletes.

Teachers and coaches with access to the Sworkit Student Management System are able to create groups and teams to organize their students.

To add or remove an organization admin:

  1. Open the Sworkit app or visit

  2. Tap on the menu in the upper left corner of the home screen.

  3. Choose Admin Portal from the side menu.

  4. Tap on the menu in the upper left corner, yes, again.

  5. From the My Organization section, tap on Manage Members.

  6. Tap on All Members.

  7. Select the teacher or coach from the list that you'd like to make an Admin and tap on them.

  8. A menu will pull up from the bottom of your screen, tap on Make {name} an Admin.

  9. Tada! You've given them some power!

  10. Now that they are an admin, you can remove access by following the above steps, tapping on their name and choosing Remove Admin.

  11. Then confirm that you want to remove the Admin by tapping Remove in the box that pops up.

Note: The students must already be members of the organization/school to add give them admin/editor rights. Please contact our Student Management System specialists if you need to add more admin seats.

Check out our Getting Started with the Student Management System article for more tips.

To learn more about the Sworkit Student Management System and to sign-up, visit

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