The Sworkit Student Management System provides athletic directors, teachers, and coaches with the ability to group, organize, and manage the Sworkit activity of students and athletes.

Teachers and coaches with access to the Sworkit Student Management System are able to view the individual activity reports of students and athletes within their organization. This allows teachers to:

  • Verify physical activity completion for school credit

  • Provide feedback and recommendations for individuals based on past activity

  • Encourage students to use Sworkit as a Daily Physical Activity Journal to track Sworkit and non-Sworkit workouts

To access individual student activity reports

  1. Open the Sworkit app or visit

  2. Choose Admin Portal from the side menu

  3. Tap on Member Report from the side menu

  4. From here you tap on individual students name from the Individuals or By Group views to view a detailed workout log

  5. Tap the Calendar icon at the top right to switch to a different month

Check out our Getting Started with the Student Management System article for more tips.

To learn more about the Sworkit Student Management System and to sign-up, visit

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