Do you like the idea of seeing your Sworkit workouts on a big screen? Want a stretch break during your binge-worthy shows? When exercising with your fitness buddy, it may be better if you both have a good view of the workout. Playing your Sworkit workout on your TV screen is a great option!

Here are some tips for accessing the app on your tv:

  • Apple TV

    • Note: We have an Apple TV app for Sworkit. It's only available on an actual Apple TV "set-top box" device, and not Apple TV+, which is available on smart TVs.

    • Search for Sworkit in the Apple TV App Store to download our app. If you're unsure, here's some info on that distinction

      • Once installed, choose the "I already have an account" option and then follow the following instructions which will pop up on your screen:

        • Log into and go to on a web browser.

        • Enter the code showing on your Apple TV.

        • You should see the home menu now on your Apple TV, and you can do workouts that will save to your account!

        • More tips for using apps with your Apple TV can be found here.

    • If you have an Apple device, we also allow for mirroring directly to your Apple TV without the TV app if you prefer.

  • Chromecast

    • If you have an Android device with mirroring capabilities, you can use your device to mirror your Sworkit Fitness app to Chromecast. These are some general instructions on this:

      • Make sure you have microphone permissions "ON".

      • Connect your phone or tablet to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast device.

      • Open the Google Home app and tap the device you want to cast your screen to.

      • Adjust the volume when casting your Android screen.

      • More tips from Google on Chromecasting can be found here.

  • Android TV and other smart TVs

  • Amazon Fire Stick

    • Download the Amazon Silk Web Browser app from Amazon's App Store.

    • Open the Silk App.

    • In the search URL bubble, type in

    • Sign in using your usual option and email.

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