You can request to join the Sworkit Facebook community by following this link:

Whether you need a pick-me-up or are feeling motivated and want to share, your posts are encouraged, appreciated, and can help make someone’s day. We’re all in this together. Accountability and support can get us through the tough days. Sharing your Sworkouts and your meals is highly encouraged. We’ll also have weekly check-ins we call ‘rituals’. This is an opportunity to check-in with ourselves and our Sworkit Community. Here are our weekly, ritual posts:


We get re-energized to push through the week strong. Each Wednesday will present you with a challenge. It could be to do 100 sit-ups or it could be to make a new friend in the community. Check the Community first thing Wednesday morning to discover the challenge.


We share the highlight of our week. This is the "Peak of the Week!" We'll start the thread and you can comment on it there. Don't be shy to admit that you maybe didn't have the best week. We call that the “pit of the week” and we all have those days every now and then.


We prep for the week ahead. Use the Week Prep Sheet (see Help article with link to the worksheet). Take a photo of the completed PDF and share with the group, or you can post your goal of the week in the comments of the thread.

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