Ready to get some healthy competition going? Or just bring everyone together to work towards the same goal? As an admin, you can now create your very own challenges, personalized to your company and your co-workers!

Start here with a short overview of Sworkit's Company Challenges.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a challenge:

  1. Open the Sworkit app and tap on the menu in the upper left-hand corner.

  2. Tap on the Admin Portal and then tap the menu in the upper left-hand corner (yes, you did just tap here).

  3. Tap Challenges, and tap the + in the orange circle in the upper right corner.

  4. Select a challenge type, then save to keep going:

    • Workouts Challenge

    • Steps Challenge

      **See more info about Advanced Editor at the end of this article.

  5. Choose a metric to determine the challenge goal:

    1. For Workout Challenges: Total Minutes (choose a goal that reflects a certain number of minutes per day to be active) or Active Days (choose a goal that reflects a certain number of days to be active).

    2. For Step Challenges: Steps (choose a goal for daily steps or total for the period of the challenge), Distance (the winner is whoever covers the most miles or kilometers) or Move Minutes (choose a goal that reflects a certain number of minutes per day of activity).

  6. Select a start date and the duration of your challenge.

  7. Decide who will participate in your challenge:

    • All members of your organization.

    • Create teams by separating members of your organization and naming teams.

    • Select certain individuals to participate, which allows every person to compete on their own.

8. Determine whether you want the Challenge Invite to appear on all members of the organization's Sworkit home screen, giving them the choice to join. If you like this approach, make sure Show Challenge Invite is toggled ON.

9. Set your challenge details:

  • Give your challenge an awesome name

  • Provide a description of your challenge goal/objective

  • Choose a background image with meaning to motivate

  • Provide a link where members can learn more about the challenge from say an internal website

  • Optionally, you may add translations for 13 different languages

10. Establish your challenge expectations. Decide what your Per Member Goal is, then calculate the cumulative Challenge Goal that you’d like your entire organization to reach.

11. Set your Privacy Settings:

  • Show Total Stats: This allows members to see the cumulative stats for all participants during the challenge.

  • Show Group Stats: This allows members to see just the group stats for their team.

  • Show Last 10 Workouts Stats: This shows who got their workouts in most recently.

  • Show Team Rankings: This shows teams ranked by most activity per member. This is a great option to encourage friendly competition!

  • Open Invite: When toggled ON, this creates a link to the challenge that you can share internally to allow members to join on their own. > Additionally, organization members can share with family and friends, allowing people outside the organization to join in on the competition. It's a "more the merrier" approach!

12. Still a work in progress? Choose Save and finish later. Ready to get started and announce the challenge to your organization? Choose Publish Challenge.

13. Once the challenge has been published, members who join can tap on the challenge banner, select View Challenge, and see challenge stats. On this screen, if the challenge is an Open Invite, they may tap on the box with the arrow in the upper right corner to send or copy a link to the challenge.

*Not your first rodeo?

Try our Advanced Editor feature to speed through the challenge creation process!

Need some ideas for your challenges? Click here for some tried and true examples.

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