There are a variety of reasons to create a custom workout. Maybe you want to avoid certain exercises because of an injury. Perhaps you want to add a more challenging exercise or two to an existing workout. Or maybe you want to create a special workout to share with a friend.

Whatever the reason, designing a custom workout with Sworkit is simple. Below are a few ways to create your very own custom sworkout.

To create a custom workout from scratch:

  1. Open your Sworkit app and select the star icon labeled "Custom" located at the bottom of your screen (mobile app) or in the left-hand nav bar (web app).

  2. Click on the orange "+" sign to create a new workout. This will take you to the app's Exercise Library.

  3. You can "Filter" or "Search" for new exercises to add to your workout.
    - To filter exercises, click on "Filters". Here you can sort by Difficulty Level, Exercise Category, Stance, Impact Level, Focus Areas, Noise Level, and Equipment.
    - Once you've added your filters, hit "Save" in the upper right hand corner to save your selections.
    - You can also use the "Search Exercises" feature, located near the top of your screen, to search for an exercise by name.
    - Simply tap the gray "+" sign next to any exercise name to add it to your workout.
    - To see the entire list of exercises, click the Remove Filters button located at the bottom of the "Filters" screen or clear your search by tapping the "X" located at the right of the "Search Exercises" bar.

  4. Images of your selected exercises will populate at the top of your screen.

  5. When you have added all your desired exercises, select "Next" located in the top right corner of your screen.

  6. Here, you can click the Name and Description fields to add a custom name or description to your workout.

  7. You can also categorize the Workout Type or change the order of your exercises. Use the three lines located to the right of the exercise name to drag and drop the exercise in the order you'd like.

  8. Press "Save" to complete your custom workout creation.

To create a custom workout from an existing Sworkit workout:

  1. Open your Sworkit app and select your workout of choice.

  2. Click on the white pencil icon labeled "Customize" to create a new workout. This will open the option to either "Copy and Edit Workout" or "Cancel".

  3. Click on "Copy and Edit Workout". This will take you to the app's Exercise Library.

  4. Images of the exercises in the selected workout will pre-populate at the top of your screen. Click the "X" to remove any exercises you don't want in your custom workout.

  5. Follow steps 3 through 9 in the "To create a custom workout from scratch" directions above 

☆ Fun tip: You can organize your custom workouts by tapping Edit in the upper right corner of the My Custom Workouts screen and clicking and dragging each workout to the perfect order for you! Tap Done when they look just right.

If you still need help creating a custom workout or any other question, reach out to our Customer Support team via the "Contact Support" link in your Sworkit app's Help Center or by email at


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