Kettlebells may not be as well-known as dumbbells, therefore, many people may not be aware of the differences between the two. Though dumbbells are also weights, the two pieces of small equipment are very different.


For starters, the shape of the kettlebell allows you to perform a variety of movements (primarily swings) that work different muscle groups simultaneously. For this reason, among others, a dumbbell is not an adequate substitute for kettlebell-specific exercises.

Here are a couple more reasons the kettlebell is uniquely different from a dumbbell:
• The handle on a kettlebell is designed to allow you to swing with power.
• A kettlebell's weight is offset, meaning the handle is lighter than the ball. This makes it a more functional piece of equipment because it resembles the irregular weight imbalance of everyday items.


Dumbbells, on the other hand, are short bars - generally, a little longer than the width of an average adult male fist - with weights on each end. These weights can be pre-set and non-adjustable, or include sleeves that allow you to adjust the weight.

Because of their relatively small size and the fact they can be held in each hand or used individually, dumbbells allow for a variety of different moves to help you develop strength.

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