Sworkit version 9.2.0 is helping you make fitness a habit with streaks, stats, and sounds. Read on to learn more.

What's New:

• Sworkit Radio: Enjoy free workout music with fresh playlist updates each month

• My Sworkit:
  - A new calendar view helps you track your workout streaks
  - Easily view your Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, and all-time stats

Whats's Improved:

• We've updated the workout setting selectors to make it easier to input your preferences
• You can now access your workout settings via "Settings" in the app's navigation menu

See something that needs some polish or a full on fix? Reach out via your app's Help Center or email at support@sworkit.com and let us know. We guarantee a real human will respond back and address your feedback. 

Look forward to hearing from you! 

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