Here are some fun ways teachers are using Sworkit in their classrooms:

  • Quick Stretch Break, Standing Only Stretch or Stand Up and Move: Select one of these workouts for 3-5 minutes to get students up and moving in between classes, or at the beginning of class.

  • Couch to Fit: 6 Week Plan: Many of our middle and high school teachers are implementing this guided 6-week plan to help students create healthy, active habits.

  • Sworkit Strength Fitness Test: Great for goal setting! Students can count and record how many reps they do of each exercise and track their progress throughout the school year.

  • Students Create and Lead Class Workouts: With your guidance, students can create their own custom workouts. Once the workouts have been created, they can share them with you and also with the class.

  • Sworkit LIVE Player: Perfect for virtual learning, the Sworkit LIVE Player allows you to lead your students in a virtual workout with the addition of a video sharing tool. Just click "LIVE" once you've started your workout and your students can follow along as you lead a class workout.

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