We are so excited Sworkit is a resource you can share with your students to help get them moving (even remotely)! We want you, the teacher, to have the freedom to use Sworkit any way that is best for your curriculum. To account for this we've created a few options for you to share custom workouts.

Option 1

Have your students create their own Sworkit accounts. Sworkit will provide free access to you and your students through the Sworkit Youth Initiative website. Only one link/code is needed per school. After you submit your form requesting access, you'll get an email with an access link/code for you and all of your students so they can set up their own accounts.

Option 2

Use our live workout player with Zoom (or a Zoom-like platform) and your students can see you and follow along with the workout in real-time. This is a great virtual, synchronous learning option. Learn more about the SWORKIT LIVE WORKOUT PLAY here.

Option 3

Share a screen recording of your workout. Here's how to do so on a Mac and iPhone.

On your Mac

  1. You’ll need to open QuickTime. Once you open QuickTime, go up to the left-hand corner of your screen and click the file.

  2. Then you go down to a new screen recording and it will open up this little box here with a record button.

  3. Now what we'll do is we'll open our browser and go to app.sworkit.com.

  4. From here you'll select the workout that you want to record. You can create your own custom workout and record one of those or select a workout from our Sworkit Kid workout collection.

  5. Now, go back to QuickTime and press record. If you click down on your mouse, you'll record your entire screen, but if you want to just record the workout screen, you could do so by dragging and holding and selecting the portion of the screen you want to show.

  6. Then you hit the start record button. Now your screen is being recorded. Begin your workout and move your mouse out of the display. You'll want to have this go through the entire workout without touching your screen. Important to note: This will also record the audio.

  7. Once the workout is completed and you're done recording, you want to go down to the QuickTime player icon at the bottom of your screen and right-click and press stop screen recording. That will save the file for you and it should automatically open up.

  8. Now from here, you can trim the clips. You can hit trim and now your video is shortened just to show the workout.

  9. Once you're done there, you can hit the exit button and it will ask you to save it. Now you have a file that you can send to your classroom or upload it on YouTube to share with your students.

On your iPhone/iPad

  1. You'll need to make sure that your record button is added to your Control Center. To do this, open your settings and scroll down to Control Center. Within this tab, you click customize controls and add the record red dot button.

  2. Now, open your Sworkit app. When you have your Sworkit app open, you can select the workout you'd like to do.

  3. Once you have all your settings set up, you open your Control Center by dragging your screen down or up, depending on which iPhone or iPad you have.

  4. Now, you'll see a record button at the bottom of your screen. You tap that and it'll count down. And in the corner, it will show a red circle icon to let you know that you're recording. You select your workout and begin.

  5. You'll want the workout to play through all the way so that you get everything and then once the workout is complete, you tap on the record button and hit stop recording. This will be saved to your folder.

  6. Now you have a file that you can send to your classroom or upload it on YouTube to share with your students.

Option 4

Share a Sworkit workout link. After selecting a workout (one of our workouts or your custom workouts), you can tap the share button in the top right corner. Copy the link and paste it wherever you prefer to share with your students, perhaps in an email or your eClassroom platform where you share assignments. Once a student has completed the workout, a "Sign In" prompt will be displayed on the screen. Your students do not need to sign in or create an account.

Option 5

Share a workout log so others can get credit for doing it with you.

If you have a workout partner that completed the same workout or if you used the Sworkit Live feature and have a whole class that wants to get credit, have them can the custom QR code for that workout. Here's how:

From the screen at the end of a workout:

  1. If you're still in the completed workout screen, tap the person with the plus + sign icon in the middle of the top of your screen. The QR code will pull up and your friend can then scan it.

From the My Sworkit tab, anytime after:

  1. Go to your workout log in 'My Sworkit' and tap on the workout, click on the icon of the person with the plus + sign, and have your friend scan the QR code. It will then be logged to their 'My Sworkit.'

If you need additional assistance, our Customer Support Heroes are happy to help. You can reach us by email at support@sworkit.com or by going to your Sworkit app’s main menu, selecting “Help Center” and clicking on Contact Support.

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