What’s better than doing a Sworkit workout? Doing a sworkit workout with a virtual workout partner! With Sworkit we’ve made it easy for workout partners to track the workout activity you’ve done together. This is perfect for family workouts, too! 

Getting credit for a group workout

It’s easy to give your workout buddy credit for the workout you’ve completed together. 

To do this: 

  1. Start a live chat option that allows for screen sharing (we suggest Zoom, Uber Conference or Google Hangout). 

  2. Choose a workout and a "Host".

  3. The host can then share their screen and start the workout.

  4. At the end of the workout on the summary screen tap on the person icon with the plus sign in the top right corner.

  5. All participants need to open their camera on their iOS or Android device and point it at the QR code to scan. 

  6. A pop up at the top of your device will appear to open your Sworkit app. 

  7. Tap on the pop-up and Sworkit will open to a page where you’ll be able to add the workout to your Sworkit activity log!

  8. You can also text or email a link if your workout buddy isn’t nearby.

Did a workout with a friend and forgot to scan it right away? No problem. 

  1. Go to “My Sworkit” in the app. 

  2. Swipe left on the workout you want to share and tap the person icon with the plus sign. 

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