Customize the background photo for a completed workout to share.

You got your sweat on and completed a tough workout, now you want to show people what you've been up to! This is a great idea for anyone looking to:

  • To snap a "healthy selfie" and use it as the background image of your workout-complete screen share and post it to social media.

  • To post in your company's "Fitness" channel to uphold accountability and help motivate the rest of your team.

  • To text or share with your friend that motivates you and holds you accountable.

At the end of your workout, follow these steps to personalize the background of your completed workout and then post it:

  1. Tap the camera icon in the upper lefthand corner of your screen, and flex for your healthy selfie. Click the green check if you like it or try again by tapping the "X" in the bottom left corner.

  2. Tap the blue 'Share This Workout' along the bottom of your screen and choose the size/shape of the picture you want to save, square or rectangle.

  3. Tap Share in orange and this pic saves to your device.

  4. Now you can choose where to show your workout status, whether it be social media, the Slack "fitness" channel for work, or in your workout buddy group text.

See it in action:

Share a workout log so others can get credit for doing it with you.

If you have a workout partner that completed the same workout or if you used the Sworkit Live feature and have a whole class that wants to get credit, have them can the custom QR code for that workout. Here's how:

From the screen at the end of a workout:

  1. If you're still in the completed workout screen, tap the person with the plus + sign icon in the middle of the top of your screen. The QR code will pull up and your friend can then scan it.

From the My Sworkit tab, anytime after:

  1. Go to your workout log in 'My Sworkit' and tap on the workout, click on the icon of the person with the plus + sign, and have your friend scan the QR code. It will then be logged to their 'My Sworkit.'

See it in action:

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