Do you know that you can invite new members through our admin portal? Depending on who you want to invite the steps are a little different so we've broken down each way below.

Adding an Admin

  1. Tap on the "Admin Portal" in the left side menu.

  2. Tap on "Manage Members"

  3. Tap the blue "Invite Members" box

  4. Tap the "Add Admin" option.

  5. Add, their first and last name, email address, assign a group (if applicable) and language.

  6. It's up to you if you would like to send them a custom message.

  7. When you've filled out all fields tap "Send Invite"

Adding Bulk Members

  1. Tap on the "Admin Portal"

  2. Tap "Manage Members"

  3. Tap the blue "Invite Members" box.

  4. Tap the "Invite Multiple Members" option.

  5. Choose the "Download CSV Template" option, you will see it in the bottom left corner of your browser window.

  6. Open Google Sheets and tap "File" and "Import". Then drag and drop the template from the bottom left of the browser window.

  7. Chose the "Upload" option.

  8. Make sure the two options "Replace Spreadsheet" and "Detect Automatically" are checked and then tap "Import Data".

  9. Add the members you wish to add including their name, email address, group, and custom message.

  10. Once all your members are added name the spreadsheet by tapping on the "Untitled Spreadsheet" header and typing your preferred name.

  11. Then tap "File" → "Download" → "Comma Seperated Values (.CSV)".

  12. Go back to Sworkit and tap "Import CSV". Find the CSV you created and tap "Open".

  13. Check the information that has been added and then tap "Send Invites" to send your custom emails to all members.

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