If you have a student that moves to another class or leaves your class, you can remove them from your group / class without removing them completely from the organization. This means the student can still be part of other groups / classes within your school organization.

  1. Within the Admin Portal, select Group Reports from the left side menu.

2. Select the group / class the student is in that you want to remove.

3. In the top right corner, click the icon that looks like a pen with a pad of paper. Once you click, you’ll be provided with four different options: Add Members by UID, Name your group (if you want to change the name of your group), Add/Edit Members, Delete (if you want to delete the group). If you want to add/edit members of the group or class, select Add/Edit Members.

4. Once you’ve selected Add/Edit Members, you can edit the students in the group or class by clicking the GROUP tab. Find the student(s) you want to remove from the class, click REMOVE.

5. Select DONE to save the updates.

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