Sometimes you’ll have a student that starts the semester in one class, and before the semester or terms ends, the student has a schedule change and needs to switch class periods. At Sworkit, we recognize that student schedules are constantly changing, so we have made it super easy to change which class a student is enrolled.

  1. Enter the Sworkit “Admin Portal” on the left hand side of your screen.

  2. Again on the left side, click on “Members Report”

  3. Once you are seeing all of the different classes at your campus, click on the orange arrow above the class you would like to move your student to.

  4. After clicking the arrow, select “Add/Edit Members”

  5. Navigate to the student you would like to add, this can be done by scrolling through the list of students, or by searching for them by name:

  6. Click “Add to…” and voila! Your student has been successfully added to the proper course.

  7. Finally, repeat the same steps above, but this time select the arrow above their current class, and click “Remove” next to the student you just moved.

Moving students from class to class should be a breeze if you follow these steps! If this article was helpful to you, please select one of the emojis below. We appreciate your feedback!

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