You can review your subscription status or confirm how you subscribed by tapping on "My Account" in the Sworkit side menu.

Cancel or change your Sworkit subscription

  • If you signed up for Sworkit using Apple/iTunes, click here

  • If you signed up for Sworkit using Google Play, click here

  • If you signed up for Sworkit from our website, click here

Important Notes:
Uninstalling the Sworkit app or deleting your Sworkit account will not cancel your subscription. Make sure you check out the steps below to actually cancel your subscription with Sworkit. 

When you sign up for Sworkit, as long as you remain a member, you'll always pay the same subscription price even if our subscription plans increase in price. That being said, if you cancel your current Sworkit subscription completely and subscribe to Sworkit again later, you'll be charged the subscription price at that time.

General Account Management
To change your email or password, go to "My Account", click on your name, then "Change Email" (if you signed up via email) or "Change Password".

Sworkit's Refund Policy
You can learn more about Sworkit's refund policy for web subscriptions here.

Thinking about cancelling? We'd love to know why or if there's anything we can do to help. Reach out to us by email at or via your Sworkit app's main menu by selecting "Help Center" and clicking on Contact Support. 

Use the emojis below to let us know if these instructions were helpful. 

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