We know (and appreciate) that everyone is unique, but some basic guidelines apply to weight loss that applies to most. Let's dive into what you can do to start your weight loss journey.

How to Lose Weight

Weight loss results from being in a caloric deficit (burning more calories than you are taking in through diet). Therefore, increasing the amount you burn through exercise and decreasing the amount you take in through your diet are the key components to getting results!

Fat loss depends on many factors, including genetics, diet, exercise, metabolism, hormones, etc.… The only two that you can control are diet and exercise, which we can help with!

Tips for Starting a Healthy Diet

If tracking your calories sounds like too much work at this point in your journey, that is okay. You can start with portion control instead.

  • Remove unnecessary calories by reducing snacks throughout the day.

  • DRINK WATER. If you’re feeling hungry, drink a large cup of water and see if you still feel that way. Also, drink a glass of water before eating each meal to help you feel full/satisfied with a smaller portion of food.

  • Adjust your meals accordingly. If you normally eat 1 cup of rice with dinner, try ¾ cup instead and see if you’re still satisfied or how that affects you.

  • Once you’ve done the above tips and you’re ready to start tracking, download MyFitnessPal. It’s free and syncs with Sworkit. Read more about tracking calories with MyFitnessPal here.

Top Workout Plans for Losing Fat

Couch to Fit: 6 Week Plan

Everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s time to get up and move!
Best for: Absolute Beginners
Frequency: 3x per week

Fit Future 8-week Challenge

Try this 8-week progression of workouts that will start you out with light sweats to full intensity.
Best for: All fitness levels
Frequency: 5x per week


A healthy goal is to lose 1-2 lbs/week so try not to set unhealthy goals. Try not to focus on the scale too much. When you’re exercising, you may build muscle but continue to lose fat, which won’t show on the scale.

Make non-scale goals too! Whatever that looks like for you and what you want to achieve, below are some great examples:

  • “I will track my meals consistently for the next two weeks using MyFitnessPal.”

  • “I will be able to run 1 mile in 10 mins by next week.”

  • “I will fit into my favorite jeans that I haven’t been able to wear by next month.”

  • “I will lose 1 cm around my waist in the next two weeks.”

If you have additional questions, our trainers are excited to help you. You can reach out to them via the Ask A Trainer option in the app's left side menu.

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