Choosing a name for each of your classes doesn’t have to be difficult! To keep things organized, we recommend using your name and the class period your students will see you in, for example, “Ms. Doe - 1st Period”.

If you teach on a block schedule, and only see your students a few times a week, you might include the day they will be in your class. For example, “Mr. Doe - 1st Period - A” or if you have blue/gold, red/blue, purple/white, or any other color combination, try, “Mrs. Doe - 1st Period - Gold”.

Naming your classes like this will help you keep things organized for yourself, and will help your students remember exactly when they are supposed to be in your class.

Additionally, it will make it easy for other teachers using the Sworkit Admin Portal to navigate and sort through and find their classes.

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