You can set the timing for your workout depending on the type of exercise you're looking to focus on. This is the ultimate in personalization for your custom workouts!

Here we break down the differences between the four options:

Circuit Rounds: This variation calculates the time to complete to do each exercise in the workout for as many rounds as you would like. You can even disable the shuffling of exercises so that you perform everything in the exact order you want. Circuit rounds also count up instead of down for timing, so it's a great choice for rep-based exercises.

Minutes: This is our standard timing variation where your workout length is determined by the number of minutes you choose. This will count down from the number of minutes you choose.

Yoga: The yoga timing variation aims to give you a more zen experience, with subtle countdowns and cues and less talking so there are no transition times. The options to shuffle exercises and add on warm-ups are not given due to the specific sequence of exercises that yoga adheres to.

Seven Minute: based on the popular trend of 7-minute workouts, choosing this will give you just that forcing the timing to 30 seconds per exercise and 10 seconds of rest. This variation is set so that rounds are 7 minutes.

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