Your next steps are getting your team signed up and accessing your admin portal to track engagement.

We’ve created an implementation guide called the Sworkit Employer Launch Kit for you that should answer all of your questions about getting started.

WHAT SUPPORT TO EXPECT FROM SWORKIT (included in your package)

  • Monthly Corporate Fitness Emails: Wellness engagement tips, events, and more!

  • Weekly Sworkit User Emails (sent to every Sworkit user)

  • Monthly “Ask a Trainer” webinars: click here to access our webinar library

  • Company challenge curation and support

  • Engagement strategy calls

Extra things we can do:

  • Custom webinars

  • Custom workouts

  • Live workout classes

*Ask us about pricing!



ARTICLE: Sworkit Client Success Stories and Case Studies

Kick-off your Sworkit launch with:

  • Sworkit Announcement + Live Employee Demo
    *We walk your team through the app and answer any questions

  • Sworkit Challenge
    *Check the "Challenges" section below for ideas and "how to"

  • Multi-Channel Communication

    *We recommend reminding employees on all of your communication channels to sign up for Sworkit or come to the demo in order to ensure the most engagement.


Materials to make your new Sworkit offering announcement with your team:

  1. Sworkit.jpg - Useful when announcing on Slack/Teams/Email

    *Right-click image below to save and share

  2. Getting Started with Sworkit > More in-depth user instructions in a .pdf

  3. Getting Started with Sworkit video > Mini overview sign-up video

  4. Sworkit Demo to SHARE WITH EMPLOYEES > In-depth video tutorial/demo of Sworkit ***Link above is the same as video below***

THE SWORKIT SIGN-UP PROCESS (How to Invite Employees/your Team)

Ways to sign up:

1. You share and invite your team
We send you a getting started PDF with a QR code and link

Employees start by creating a Sworkit account at: https://app.sworkit.com/redeem/CODEHERE

*Important* If they don't use that link, it will not apply the free access code!

2. We invite your team
We do this by sending invites from a CSV you provide:

  • The subject itself will say "NAME has invited you to join them in Sworkit."
    It will come from me (Victoria) directly, so my name should pop up in the subject line.

  • We can make the actual email message custom. Suggestion, "This is your Sworkit invitation from X COMPANY," when they open the email.

  • The message afterward will say, "Follow this link to create your free Sworkit account,"

  • The user will click on the link below the message to actually create and activate their account.

  • From here, they will need to click the “apply” button

3. Domain sign up
You can set a domain or domains so that anyone with these domains will automatically have access to Sworkit. You may still use your access code link for others who do not have these domains.

For example: yourcompany.com

If you'd like to LIMIT access to ONLY these domains, this is possible, too.
In other words, you can select domains that you'd like to grant access to your company's Sworkit redemptions automatically.

On the other hand, if you'd like to limit signups to ONLY these domains (but not necessarily sign them in automatically) you can do that as well.

For example, you hand out the access code to a few people with contractor.company.com, but you don't necessarily want those people automatically given access if they sign up for Sworkit.

Issues with signing up

If you face any issues with signing up, please make sure you whitelist us.

Instructions below:

Whitelisting Us

  • Please ask your IT department to whitelist emails from *@sworkit.com and *@mg.sworkit.com. This ensures the emails will not go into spam or junk, nor be marked as restricted!


VIDEO: ADMIN PORTAL WALKTHROUGH for how to navigate the portal as an admin
***Link above is the same as the video below***

What's the Purpose of the Admin Portal? (How to Use It!)

How to access the portal to track engagement:

- You should now be able to see an option in the side menu of the app or app.sworkit.com called Admin Portal.

- The Manage Members tab will show you who is signed up and help you invite new members (we can also do this for you)

- The Usage tab will let you see the overall monthly engagement

- The Group Reports tab will let you create a group to manage subgroups within your organization. You can use this to create internal challenges and reward top performers! (Super fun!)

- The Members Report tab will let you view individual user reports to see who your consistency stars are

Managing Members

ARTICLE: Thorough Member Management Guide that shows you how to:

  • Invite New Hires or Members

  • Remove Members

  • Change to Admin Status

  • Delete Pending Invites

Transfer Memberships to Another User

Every membership is 100% transferable to another user. This means, if you have someone who leaves your company, their Sworkit membership does not go with them unless you'd like for it to.

Additionally, if someone is not using their membership and you purchased a set number of lives, you are welcome to transfer that membership to another individual at your company who would like to use it.

Organize your Employees/Data by Location or Department (Groups Feature)

*You are able to organize people by groups at your company. Whether you'd like to do this by department, geographic location, team, or even language, this is where you can do so.

As you can see in the example below, when you select a group (i.e. Sales), you will be able to see usage and overall engagement for each group.

Privacy Settings

If you would like any personal information or views hidden for privacy reasons, let us know, and we can do this for you.


The What
Here are a couple of super helpful articles to help you get started:


The How

VIDEO: Creating and Managing Challenges

The video covers:

  • Creating a challenge

  • Sharing a challenge

  • Signing up for a challenge

  • Tracking challenge stats and engagement


ARTICLE: How to help users edit profiles

*Use this to have users add their names or emails, so they'll appear in your admin dashboard and in challenges

ARTICLE: Syncing Sworkit with other health apps or devices

ARTICLE: Where can you use Sworkit?

*cell phones, laptops, ipads, TV's and more!

Getting Help:


In-app Trainers > "Help Center" > "Ask a Trainer" (see below)

Support > "Help Center" > "Contact Support" (see below)

Preparing to Renew your Sworkit Contract
We suggest marking your calendar for 60 days prior to your renewal. That way, you can connect with your Client Success Team and assigned Account Executive with enough time!

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