Ready to make your Sworkit workouts even more tailored to your needs and preferences? The Workout Settings of the app let you do just that. You can access Workout Settings from Settings in the main menu or once you've selected your workout from the menu lines in the upper right side.

Once in Workout Settings:

Under Workout Flow

  • Toggle ON/OFF Warm-Ups depending on whether you need to warm up or not.

  • Toggle ON/OFF Shuffle Exercises and control the order of your exercises or have a whole new experience when they're shuffled.

Under Intervals

  • Tap on Length of Transition Pause and scroll to select the desired length of transition time between exercises.

  • Tap on Length of Exercise Interval and scroll to select the desired length of time an exercise will be performed.

Under Rest Breaks

  • Toggle ON/OFF Rest Breaks to give yourself breaks or power through without.

  • Tap on Rest Breaks After [blank] Exercises and scroll to choose the number of exercises you will do before you have each rest break.

  • Tap on Length of Rest Break and scroll to choose the length of each rest break.

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