Step Challenges are a great way to get everyone in your organization moving. Walking is a great equalizer for all fitness levels, and members can get their steps in every day, whenever it's convenient! Below you'll find detailed step-by-step (no pun intended!) instructions to create a Step Challenge for your organization. While it may look like a lot below, we have worked to simplify the process within the app, making it possible to create your challenge with just a few clicks.

We support a wide variety of devices as well as connect with several health apps (Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava, MyFitnessPal, Fitbit) that allow our members to sync their steps to Sworkit. Click here for more info. To learn about counting steps with Sworkit, click here.

To create your Step Challenge:

  1. Go to the Admin Portal.

  2. Click Challenges under My Organization.

  3. Click the plus sign + in orange to add a new one.

  4. Select Steps Challenge and click Next.

  5. Choose whether your goal will be based on counting actual Steps, the cumulative Distance of steps, or total Move Minutes. Then click Next.

  6. Determine the Start Date of your challenge and how long the Duration should be. Click Next.

  7. Decide who from your organization will compete in the challenge:

    • All Members: hail, hail the gang's all here.

    • Create Teams: handpick members for each team and give them awesome team names.

    • Select Individuals: choose only certain members to participate, maybe one department at a time.

    • Show the Challenge Invite: if you include all members, you can have the challenge banner across their Sworkit home screen, and they can join on their own at any time.

  8. It's all in the Details! Pick a fun Name for the challenge, give a bit of a Description with the purpose or a theme, then select one of our Backgrounds for your challenge banner or upload your own. If you have a website with more info or an internal page, link it to the Learn More URL. Now, click Next.

  9. If your metric for your goal was Distance, set your Distance Unit to miles or kilometers. Enter a goal Per Member as well as a goal for the entire Challenge that everyone is working towards.

  10. Privacy Settings allow you to control what information is visible on the challenge screen.

    1. Show Total Stats allows members to see how the organization as a whole is doing in regard to the goal.

    2. Show Group Stats allows challenge participants to check out how their team is doing and see their teammates' accomplishments.

    3. Show Team Rankings creates a leaderboard for the teams.

    4. Open Invite toggled on will generate a link to the challenge that members can share with others outside the organization and allows anyone with that link, and a Sworkit account, to join the challenge.

  11. Publish the Challenge when finished, which sets the challenge as "LIVE" for your organization.

Tips on editing your Step Challenge:

How to add/edit/find a team name:

  1. Click on your challenge.

  2. Select Edit Challenge.

  3. Scroll down to Challenge Members.

  4. Click on X Members Selected (it may have a number already in there).

  5. Select Add Team (a Team Name box will pop up).

  6. Type in the name.

  7. Click Save.

For more ideas on challenge creation and to see what other companies have done, check out this article. As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance getting your Step Challenge created, please contact your Sworkit Health Client Success Manager or email us at

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