At Sworkit, we want to help you build as much confidence in fitness as possible. We hope, the more you know and feel comfortable, the more success you will be. 

Sworkit offers an impressive level of detail about each of our exercises. Let's take a look at two ways to learn more about our exercises.

Option 1: "Long-press" or "hold down" on an exercise name to access exercise details

When you are previewing the exercises available in a workout, simply hold your finger or mouse for 1 - 2 seconds and you will be able to access full detail about an exercise. 

Option 2: Search Sworkit's Exercise Library

Sworkit offers access to over 800+ exercises. To access our full exercise library, simple choose "Exercise Library" from the side menu. 

Using either option above, here is a preview of our detailed exercise information available to you as a Sworkit member:

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