For the 2021 Sworkit Spring Lean Challenge, there are three fitness tests. Fitness test check-in dates are April 12, May 2, and May 23. Like other aspects of Sworkit, if there is a better date that works for you aside from Sundays to complete the fitness test, feel free to modify. Try to do the fitness tests at the same time of the day after a quick warm-up.

This test is meant to measure your personal results, keeping in mind that some days we are stronger than others. Perform these tests and record your results by making a note in the Sworkit app to track your progress, or by recording your results on the fitness test worksheet which you can access here. See how to Add Notes and record your results within the Sworkit app in the video example below.

When performing the fitness test, you will want to optimize your situation to perform your best.

  • Get good rest the night before. (7-9 hours of sleep)

  • Provide your body with sufficient nutrients. (Eat around an hour before)

  • Perform the test when you are most alert and awake. (Avoid performing the test right when you wake up)

  • A light warm-up can help you feel energized and perform your best (5-10 min of a light warm-up to get blood flowing and increase body temperature)

When performing the follow-up fitness test, perform the test with conditions similar to your first test (i.e. same time of day, adequate rest, fueled with good nutrition). This will ensure consistency and show real change between tests! You can access the fitness test anytime using this link or by visiting the Sworkit Spring Lean challenge in the app.

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