Starting with version 9.0.9 of the Sworkit Fitness app, if you've selected English as your default app language, we've added the ability to choose the trainer voice you hear while you Sworkout. Currently, the two options are Male (American) and Female (British). 

Here's how to select your Sworkit Fitness Trainer voice: 

1. Select any non-plan workout:

Choose the workout you want, then tap the "Select Workout" button. Helpful Note: At this time, "Plan" workouts only have the Female (British) trainer voice option.

2. On your Workout Time screen, tap the "Workout Settings" button. 

3. At the top, right-hand area of the Workout Settings screen select the "Audio" tab.

4. Tap the trainer voice name to select it. You can also tap "Play Sample" to hear a sample of the different voice options. 

5. Hit "Save" in the top, upper right corner of the screen to save your selections. This will take you back to the Workout Time screen. Simply tap the "Begin Workout" button at the bottom of the screen to start your Sworkout 💪.

If you have not selected English as your default language in the Sworkit app, right now all your workouts only have the Female (British) fitness trainer voice option. We'll let you know if and when that changes, though.

Any questions? Reach out to us via the Contact Support link in your Sworkit app or by emailing One of our Customer Success Heroes will happily help you out.

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