You can customize your custom workout even more! Want to do your Dumbbell Front Raise for 10 reps instead of 30 seconds? It's totally adjustable based on your preferences.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Open the app, tap on "Custom" or "Custom Workouts" (depending on whether you're using a device or web version).

  2. In "My Custom Workouts," tap on the workout you wish to alter.

  3. Tap on "Customize" underneath the name of the workout, right side.

  4. A menu will pop up from the bottom; tap on "Edit Workout."

  5. Then tap on "Next" in orange in the upper right corner.

  6. To the right of each exercise, there will be "30s" in blue circled; tap on this.

  7. You will see the exercise's name at the top and under it "seconds" or "Reps," decision time!

  8. If you want to base the exercise duration on seconds, scroll through until you find the proper length of time between 1-120 seconds and tap on it.

  9. If you're going for a number of repetitions of an exercise, tap "Reps" and scroll to choose between 1-120 reps.

  10. Once you've made your selections on your exercises, tap "Save" in orange at the top of the screen.

  11. You're all set! Now "Select Workout" and crush your fitness goals :)

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